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Plastic pipe valves and fittings in the GTA
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Q: What are your rotationally molded tanks made from?

A: All the rotationally molded tanks we supply are manufactured with High density polyethylene. For safe storage of potable water, they are made with a resin that meets FDA specifications

Q: What colours of tanks can you supply?

A: The standard colour of tank we supply is typically natural (or white), and blue for the heavy-duty tanks. We can also get black at the customer's request.

Q: Can these tanks be buried underground?

A: Any tank we supply is not meant to be buried underground

Q: Are these tanks made to hold gas/diesel?

A: We do not recommend putting any petroleum products in these tanks

Q: Does the tank need to be cleaned before use?

A: If being used for potable water, we recommend using a very mild bleach for sanitization, then rinse a couple times before use.

Q: Can the tanks you supply be pressurized?

A: No, these tanks cannot be pressurized in any way


Q: What different types of pipe and fittings are there?

A: We can supply schedule 40 white, schedule 40 grey and schedule 80 pipe and fittings. We also supply CPVC for high chemical resistance

Q: What is the difference between Schedule 40 and 80 pipe and fittings?

A: Schedule 40 fittings and pipe have a thinner wall than schedule 80. The main differences are water pressure rating, sizing/diameter, colour and type of use

Q: Is there a difference between schedule 40 white or grey pipe and fittings?

A: No, properties are the same. White fittings are typically used by spa/pool companies (to make the plumbing look nice), and grey is used more in industrial areas.


Q: What type of plastic should I use for my boat?

A: Starboard is an excellent marine grade plastic for use on boats. It is UV stabilized so it will not break down in the sun, and is very forgiving when working with normal wood working tools. There is also anti-slip starboard rear deck platforms and flooring.

Q: What plastic would you recommend for a side port window?

A: Smoked acrylic is the most common replacement for tinted boat windows. Thicknesses can range depending on your window frame, or your OEM window. Clear acrylic is also an option.

Q: What are hatch windows typically made from?

A: Hatch windows are most commonly used with .5" or thicker clear or smoked acrylic

Q: Can your company make plastic replacement companionways?

A: Most companionways are made from teak; however, wood weathers and rots out after time. Our replacement panels would be made from either clear or smoked acrylic, and custom cut to the shape of your old panels.




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